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Your fearless leader. More about the author. Maybe.

Hiking from Chamonix to Zermatt. Chronicle of an Alpine tour. With maps, pictures, and even some advice.

Words of wit and wisdom. Life's big lessons can't always be boiled down to a twenty word phrase. But it doesn't hurt to try.


pi_css5 is a program for calculating π (another obsession of mine). It serves as a benchmark of different hardware, and also different software/languages.

Speed up MacOSX compilation. Use distcc to make fink and other OS X builds bearable (only works for 10.3 at the moment).

Silly screenshots. Oh the things you can do with emulators and other programs.

π (pi)

10,000 digits of π. What can you use it for? Not much, but if you really want a memory challenge…

History of π computation is long and glorious one. Irrationality does not come easily.