Successes of Others

I would like to talk about the fascinating day I had, the exciting things I did and so forth. It would be fun. No doubt somebody had a day like that. Unfortunately it wasn’t me. My day was spent in the library unsuccessfully trying to decipher the core of Foucault’s conception of biopolitics, and Agamben’s revision thereof. Slightly more successful were my efforts at reviving parts of somewhat neglected Arabic vocabulary. Still, when all was said and done, today was kind of a bust.

Indeed the highlight of the day came from a web-bulletin: namely the news that Tennis player Roger Federer triumphed (in straight sets) at the Australian Open. Whether or not he’ll win the French Open this year is anybody’s guess, but at his rate, Sampras’s record is not going to stand for very long. In contrast, yesterday’s women’s final seems to have been an error filled match in which an out-of-condition Serena Williams crushed an even more off-kilter Maria Sharapova.

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