Happy 2008

Burning Liberty

Well, I see another year has come and gone. Looking back, I guess 2007 wasn’t so bad. Still, here’s hoping 2008 is an improvement. At any rate, a few comments are in order.

First, this space has been a trifle, err… stale… for much of the last year. Working on improving that. If nothing else, I can use a little distraction from more serious matters, plus I have an excuse not to hate writing (in general) quite so much. I haven’t quite worked out exactly what sort of things will be appearing (the therapeutic effects of ranting being neatly canceled out by the need not to get myself any deeper in trouble than I already am!). Since I have no idea who actually reads this stuff anyway (well technically, the server logs could help a bit there), I’ll try to err on the side of judiciousness.

A New Years’ post should by rights be full of predictions and resolutions, but for now I’d rather keep it simple: I aim to make the most of what is and to ignore what isn’t. Everything else can more or less take care of itself.

Happy 2008!

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