statue-sun-fullYet another dull day of research. Yet another exquisite sunset.

Have learned not to second-guess the camera at this point. It can figure out the lighting far better than I. Results aren’t too shabby either. Especially with the big lens (70-300VR), the camera can sit steady on the fence posts by the quay, allowing for good timed exposures.

Oh yes, and congrats. to Hillary Clinton on her win in New Hampshire! Yes really.

Mind you, I find Clinton’s politics disappointing and useless in almost every respect. I doubt she will make a good president (though certainly, no worse than her husband). But the grotesque and outright misogynistic way that the media has been covering her campaign is simply appalling. Hopefully, this will shut the Chris Matthews’ of the world up for at least a few days.

(I have no problem with people attacking Clinton for her lousy politics. I have a huge problem with people attacking Clinton for her ‘demeanor’, ‘attire’ and so on. Notice how John McCain, a man of extraordinarily thin skin and short temper, has received no negative coverage on that account at all).

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