The Usual Suspects

edwards(With apologies to “Casablanca” and Capt. Renault)

Uneventful day for me, NYU student. Class. Schoolwork. Disappointing attempt at sunset photography (not enough haze for good colors). Visit to a camera store in search of the holy grail of cameras (small, ergonomic, full-featured SLR body with similarly specced lenses). Dinner. More schoolwork. And so on.

Elsewhere, the range of presidential possibilities has decreased markedly. John Edwards is out. We can forget about a campaign against poverty and Wall St. now. Good news for the establishment. Bad news for us.

On the bright side, now that there’s no progressive in the race, I don’t have to feel guilty about not being able to vote in the primary due to a county screw-up. Although writing-in George McGovern seems increasingly appealing.

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