Revisiting Old Haunts

Rainbow over Reservoir

We are all creatures of habit, but some of us more than others.  When I was living in NYC in spring 2008, I would frequently take the 1 subway line up to 59th street, walk a few blocks across to Central Park, and make my way northward to the reservoir.  I almost always passed by the children’s zoo, the sailboat pond, the Belvedere ‘castle’, and the great lawn on the way to the reservoir.  It was always a nice way to spend the afternoon, and clear my head of whatever funk I was in.  I made the trip more than a dozen times from March through May of that year.

Today I needed to catch the train to visit my grandparents, so I replicated the route I used to take, in reverse order.  As usual the fountain was running in the reservoir, and I was lucky enough to catch a rainbow.  Even in the middle of the densest part of New York, you can still find a little tranquillity, if you look.

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