Since moving in to my apartment I’ve been trying to get my computer setup ironed out.  I’ve hit a few glitches along the way.

1) Monitor is un-DVIed.  I open my monitor’s box and realized I’d left behind my DVI cable.  In California.  Whoops.  So I picked a new one from Radio Shack, only to discover that this monitor has flickering issues when using DVI for input.  Forgot about that problem as the monitor has been in an attic for 3 years since the last time it was used.  So now I need a VGA-to-DVI adapter.  Or a new monitor.  Think I’ll go for the adapter.

2) Mouse doesn’t believe in lateral movement.  Opened it up, cleaned the rollers, and… no dice.  So I had to get a replacement mouse.  This one is optical and not PS/2.  One more cable to manage (keyboard is PS/2).

3) WiFi router has become just a Wi.  Attempted to restore my trust D-Link WiFi router to service after reclaiming it from storage.  Works great for wired connections and is basically unusable for anything else (random cutouts/packet loss).  Naturally my primary machine doesn’t have an Ethernet port.  So Saturday I stopped at a couple of stores to look for a USB Ethernet adapter.  Happy Yom Kippur!  All 3 of the stores were closed for the Jewish holiday.

4) USB hub feeling unempowered.  At least that’s the error message I get – insufficient power – disabling port.  Didn’t think a hub needed much power to connect a mouse, a keyboard and a 2.5″ drive, but apparently this one does.  Had to dig a second (much larger) powered hub from storage.

At the moment, my computer isn’t getting much use at the apartment.  Hopefully that can be fixed without too much more headache.

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