Site anniversary

It’s hard to believe that I made my first post to this site’s predecessor (myownlittleworld) exactly ten years ago.  The site has had its ups and downs since, much the same as its author, but I’m hoping it will still be going strong ten years from now.

Looking back at old posts and the memories they conjure up, I recognize the skinny, sharp, cynical, occasionally confused kid who posted his musings on these digital pages.  I’m not sure quite what he’d think of the current version of me, but I hope wouldn’t be too terribly disappointed.

And if I could send a message to that fellow (not that he would have listened!) what with hindsight being a benefit and all, it would have been: Don’t take yourself (or anybody else) so seriously.  Life is just too short.*

*Seriousness is a leading cause of chronic overcautiousness among other damaging neuroses.  Such a condition, if untreated by ample quantities of levity and silliness, frequently degenerates into a state known as ‘being a tiresome bore.’

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