Congratulations, class of ‘012



My cousin received his Master’s degree today at Stanford (Department of Electrical Engineering)!

It was a typical June day in Palo Alto (read: warm – the black gowns did not look comfortable), and the event had the usual combination of seriousness and hijinks.  Plenty of crazy costumes on the field for the Wacky Walk, including a row of dominos, who obligingly collapsed on the field partway into the proceedings.

The department ceremony proved as hard to photograph as last year.  Harder actually, as I was using a manual focus lens on my Olympus E-PM1 (a 30-year old Nikon 135/2.8).  I did get a few photos though.  Probably will stick to autofocus lenses in the future, if I can.

I also made a visit to Sunnyvale, to the annual De Anza Tutor’s picnic.  Some familiar faces.  Looks like everybody is doing well (many have now transferred to Cal, SJSU, UCLA and UCSD).

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