There… Almost


The problem with being almost finished is that you’re, well, almost finished.

Which is to say, I feel finished, but there’s a pesky little test (final exam – written) tomorrow standing between me and freedom. Irritating if I do say so myself.

Today was the oral exam. In practice, this simple meant chatting with someone else from the class in Arabic. My partner was still somewhat leery of departing from our script, which is unfortunate, since I have a somewhat difficult time keeping track of what I’m supposed to be saying. Can’t we just talk? Oh well.

We had a 1 hour review session, and then wound up sitting outside. A beautiful day as usual (particularly since at 10AM the sun hasn’t reached its full potential). So rather than reviewing as we waited for our turns, the whole lot of us, 10 or so, wound up chatting of this or that.

The actual speaking test was quite straightforward. Preparing for tomorrow’s test, less so. Guess I should have been more dilligent about vocabulary. Finally, sick of running through flash cards, I did some of my packing. Have to be out of here by Saturday.

I hate waiting.

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