Bank holiday


Okay, not really a bank holiday. Actually today was read-lots-about-the-Ottoman-empire after-wasting-too-much-time last-weekend-day. But the morning French was fine, and aside from an impromptu rainstorm, I can hardly complain. Also, my furniture has been rearranged for what had darn well better be the last time.

I did make a pilgrimage to a bank this afternoon to open up an account. It’s not that I’m dissatisfied with my bank, but they don’t have any ATMs within a hundred miles of here, nor branches or anything else for that matter. West coast banks for west coast residents. Which I am no longer. So I’ve now added one more card to the bulging wallet.

With a good deal of effort, I did manage to post my reading response for tomorrow’s seminar only an hour after it was due (apparently others are even worse, as I was the 4th out of 14 to post). And now, some sleep.

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