Remembering things past


So today, I figured I’d try and resurrect this journal. What with having my desk finally set up, and having a screen I can read (even if it does flicker on occasion), it seemed like the opportune time.

The funny thing is that I can actually remember events that happened 3 or 4 weeks ago far better than those that happened only a few days ago. I think that’s because class days for me wind up being rather similar, and hence hard to differentiate. They all kind of merge together. Going to the beach or hiking, or visiting someplace special, they all tend to stick.

Beyond that, I think I’ve given up on lighttpd for this site. I’m just too tired of having simple things not work. For instance, recursive includes in server-side html required a special patch, because the source doesn’t normally support it. Now I’m in a position where a very simple cgi script, a hit counter, won’t run, because include-virtual only works in a very particular way, and exec isn’t implemented for shtml. Blah.

As for less technical matters, I had a large quantity of French to review, and an even larger quantity of research to get through on Greece under the Ottoman empire. It appears that the library here has a decent Greek collection, but it’s almost exclusively in Greek. A bit difficult for somebody like me to take advantage of. Those few things that aren’t in Greek tend to largely regard Ottoman Greece as a ‘Dark Age’ in need of little or no explication. Bloody ahistorical nationalists. Something must have happened from 1450-1550. What?

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