More Ottoman Greece


So today was more of the same. I guess I spoke too harshly of the nationalist historians. Consider the following two (paraphrased statements): “There is no evidence of significant Greek opposition to the practice of devshirme,” and “The practice of devshirme was invariably opposed by Greeks.”

Not really the same thing is it? Doesn’t quite help me with my paper, but it does illustrate that even straightforward historical questions don’t always yield straightforward answers. The two authors in question, one Greek, one British, are writing within about 10 years of each other. The first statement is actually the later one. Very odd.

Meanwhile, the monitor has begun to flicker most annoyingly. Not sure quite what’s up, but the gray background in Photoshop is enough to illustrate the problem. On another note, my new bank is sending me ridiculous amounts of mail.

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