Backup neuroses

Backup Products 02
I’ve only really had two major hardware-related computer problems. The first was back in Jan. ’05 when my TiBook’s hard drive obligingly died. It actually started making funny noises the previous November, so I had pretty good backups, but I lost a week’s worth of work, and the experience of opening a TiBook (to replace the dead drive) without having the right screwdriver was somewhat traumatizing.

Much more recently, namely about ten days ago, my Compaq laptop decided that its screen was going to go all wonky. I’m not really upset about the data, which I can extract easily enough, but about the nuisances of having to switch over to another machine.

So, in light of these failures, maybe my nearly daylong attempt to create a complete, easily reproducible backup of both my webserver and my current loaner machine is understandable. Or maybe I’m just neurotic. Either way though, consider this a largely wasted day.

Oh, and I’ve now got a cold. No skiing for Darius with Dad and Cousin M- this weekend.

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