Man, Superman

Continuing in the technological question rut, I had another one of my good ideas. I listen to music and (internet) radio a fair bit on the computer. What would be really nice is a wireless headset that I can use to listen from, oh say, across the room in the kitchenette where I eat. Well thanks to the wonders of Bluetooth technology , this should be pretty easy (range is 30+ ft., more than enough). At the same time, I use Skype on occasion, not to mention I’m trying to finally get Dragon Naturally Speaking working. So rather than just headphones, a headset would be ideal.

Oddly, the closest thing to this I’ve found are the wireless headsets for cell phones (at Best Buy, no less). None boasts particularly decent audio quality for music though, and my ears are rather poorly configured for most of the clip on earpieces. There is no general-purpose bluetooth stereo headset though. I know. I looked.

I can’t be too grumpy though. Some nice person sent me the book behind the movie V for Vendetta (thanks!). So I have something fun to look at when I finally finish reading up on this Homo Sacer (that’s Giorgio Agamben’s canonical figure in his exploration of bio-politics, to be featured in Tuesday’s anthropology discussion).

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