Sunday was the sort of day that just sort of happened. It all centered around a rather haphazard lunch that several members of the party rather vociferously objected to. Nothing could be done, however, and so there was a giant trip to the grocery store for enormous quantities of food that didn’t get eaten, followed by a lunch gather mixing relatives and neighbors. As Cousin H- was intent upon affixing balloons to everybody throughout, I was rather distracted.

The remainder of the afternoon was pretty quiet, until it was suggested that perhaps we should go see a movie. One mad rush later, we were in a theater in Elmsford, tickets in hand for Babel. I wasn’t really all that impressed, although the bits of Arabic were of some interest. It was the sort of movie that would have been affecting, had it not been so heavy-handed.

Regardless, the reality of morning classes meant that as soon as we returned and Grandpa attended to his presents, I left for the train station. A quick ride to White Plains got me to an express train. Entertainment riding back alone was limited. I also made the mistake of taking the express subway line at Grand Central. Walking to my apartment from 14th St. shouldn’t have been a big deal, but the mid-teens temperature and roaring wind going down Broadway left me feeling just about as cold as I can remember. After a can of soup to warm up, I checked the web: temperature of 14 degrees, or -3 with wind chill. Brr…

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