Solidarity, and things

The hard thing about Sunday is that it’s followed by Monday, but preceded by Saturday. So you have a precedent going in (staying up late, being somewhat lazy) and a need for results. A rather ugly combination.

Still, things must be done, so I did… things.

Among the things done (though not necessarily planned on) was to watch the rather curious John Cusack comedy, “Grosse Point Blank.” Premise: A hit man goes home to complete a job and attend his ten-year high school reunion. The whole conception is perfect for a black comedy. Which the film would be, except they have to throw in a love interest who softens the film to the point that the blackness is basically submerged and even SNL’s Dan Aykroyd can’t quite rescue it. All that said, something about Cusack makes him just perfect for the role of hitman, particularly when he has to deadpan lines like: “Oh, I kill people for a living.” Plus, it’s 1997 and he’s using a PowerBook. “Solidarity, baby” (Aykroyd to Cusack in the final shootout).

And now, how about some Egyptian political economy, with a dash of Arabian Islamism?

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