After my usual morning of Arabic (the typical study/finish homework, followed by class, today with the added bonus that we discussed vacations), Grandma and Grandpa came down for lunch. We went to the same Indian restaurant we’d gone to weeks before. Still unbelievably cheap. I’m always amazed that one can find parking on 1st Ave. without too much difficulty. It seems odd to say, but thank heavens for meters!

Then, Grandma went to the weekly physics colloquium, and Grandpa and I drove back to Westchester. Figured it was time to pay them a visit. We had a quiet afternoon, and I discovered something odd about my laptop: it will only connect once to my wireless router, and then I have to reboot if it gets disconnected, because despite full signal strength, it won’t connect again. Though the range on the thing (a D-Link DI-524 for the record) is so pitiful that my initial purpose of internet access from the living room of my grandparent’s place is itself unachievable.

So I read some, we bemoaned the state of the world, and had a generally quiet evening. I showed off a number of my photo albums as well, which was fun, except that when Grandma tried to print them, we discovered she was using paper for a color laser printer. Results from her HP inkjet were thus, ermm… suboptimal.

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