To Yosemite

road-yosemiteUnlike the last time (March ’05), no snafus (e.g. overheating car) on the drive to the park. 4 of us this time, so we took my cousin’s somewhat larger more reliable car. Doubtless this helped.

Lunch off of highway 120, just below Groveland, in view of a very peculiar National Forestry Service gate. Picnic area from earlier days was closed though.

Park entrance was almost deserted. Wilderness office closed. Snow all around. None too warm either.

Made a few stops descending into the valley. Have never seen Yosemite (park or valley) this covered in snow before. Must’ve been 2 feet at least in the meadow facing El Capitan.

Checked in to Curry Village right around sunset. Quickly became to cold and dark for photos (though there was an entrancing mist in the openings), so drove to the Yosemite Lodge food court for dinner. Highly disappointing. Partially uncooked potatoes, oversalted rice, even the dessert failed expectations.

Cabin was heated so we all slept without trouble.

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