Of Snow and Snowshoes

ranger-dickThe Plan ™ was to be up early, catch the bus to Badger Pass, and go on a ranger-led snow-shoe walk. Having cleverly missed the bus, we drove instead. This afforded some nice views of the central valley, a close encounter with a very wolf-like coyote, and about 3 miles on snow-covered roads without the requisite chains. Fun, but the bus would have been easier.

Ranger Dick led the snowshoe walk providing a mix of information, entertainment and a good excuse to be on the ski slopes without skis. The ‘subnivean space’ received particular attention as did a number of long deceased dried rodents the ranger pulled from his pockets and hat. The exercise and views weren’t bad either.

Returning to the valley, we did an extended photo-tour for the remainder of the afternoon, wandering across the open areas and along the river for a ways. Just before sunset, we found an encampment of photographers along the main road, waiting for the sun’s last rays on Half Dome. The last part of the walk, cold, in the dark, on an icy trail, wasn’t quite so much fun

Dinner options were limited to the Lodge’s food court again, but as we were staying at the lodge for the night, at least the trip to and from was short. My dad even managed to negotiate some extra vegetables and sauce for what were otherwise rather pathetic pizzas.

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