leopardHalf-baked morning centered on resurrecting MacOS X Leopard on my ThinkPad. Not really a good use of half day, but there you are. Plus there’s just something about using Microsoft’s bootloader to load MacOS X that appeals.

A quotidian afternoon was followed by a trip to see relatives for dinner in Cupertino. In attempting to bypass a clogged I-280, discovered that Foothill Road intersects 280 near Lawrence. Mental map of the area duly updated. Still arrived at the restaurant before some of the others.

Had a pleasant dinner of Persian-style kebab while conversing about my 4-year old namesake across the table. Very good natured little fellow, quite unlike me at that age. Took the opportunity to use my Sigma fast prime lens, which in-turn took the opportunity to stop focusing. Argh.

Drive back reinforced my belief that the old car is in need of replacement. Brakes grinding. Gas pedal sometimes doesn’t (accelerate the car). Clutch sometimes leaves me in 2 1/2 gear (as opposed to 2nd or 3rd) where car runs rough, smells bad, and has no acceleration.

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