Small town charm

coastsideMy feelings toward Half Moon Bay have always tended toward the mixed. The politics are strange, the infrastructure shoddy, the aesthetics often lacking and so on. At the same time, it is still a small town. After spending three semesters in New York City, that counts for something.

Had a chance to experience some of that today doing various errands. Picked up books and stationary from the two local bookstores. The sort of things you don’t find in Borders or B&N. Got lunch (a sandwich) from the local deli. As good as anything I’ve found in New York. Drove a few minutes and ate it on the beach watching the blackbirds and sparrows cavorting around. Central Park, for all its charm, isn’t half as peaceful.

As good luck would have it, arrived at the beach at extreme low tide, and so walked from San Gregorio beach to Tunitas beach for the first time. Quite a view of the coastline, all the way to Pillar Point.

Quiet evening listening to the radio, staying near the heater to keep warm. In spite of the sunny days, this is still the Bay Area after all!

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