Do Everything Day

colorfulBeautiful morning. Took a while to stop admiring it and get going.

Drove up to Marin headlands with the folks. Parked by Rodeo Beach. Lot of folks out, enjoying the beach/waves/trails. Haze kept it from being a perfect photo day, but the coast looked pretty nice.

Climbed up a variety of trails, past old gun batteries and lookouts to arrive on Hill 88 (elev. almost 1000 ft). Could see most of San Francisco, the bay and whatnot. Hill 88 itself was home to some rapidly disintegrating buildings, and an odd graffiti collection. Had a late lunch, lamented the haze marring the perfect view and descended as the sun did likewise.

2 chance meetings. On the way up, saw the French women we met at the Yosemite snowshoe walk. At the top, had a curious conversation with a women from Nepal (visiting family) who asked to have her photo taken (with my camera, but didn’t want me to send it to her).

To catch the sunset, drove further out on Marin headlands. Magnificent views and colors from Point Bonitas, above the lighthouse. Haze helped here.

Hurried back to HMB next, to meet up with the old gang (friends from high school) for dinner. After-dinner conversation was typically diverse, Evening ended sitting around a fire outside, watching cigar smoke waft by.

Return to New York tomorrow. Happily, only temporarily.

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