Pre Super-Tuesday

mondayThat would be unsuper-Monday for those keeping track.

Rather than attempt to explain the Freud-1940s Baghdad connection alluded to earlier (something to do with memory), or why I’m partially translating a Wikipedia entry on an Iranian revolutionary for Arabic language class (needed an interesting biography that could use this chapter’s vocab., thanks Mirza Jahangir Khan), I’ll just say that today started late and ended later, and the stuff that was supposed to happen in between largely did.

I’d complain about the weather, but since the next week will be the same dreary gray with rain (for the variety, I’d be happier with snow at this point), I need to save some irritation for later on.

Also there’s some sort of election to-do tomorrow. County screwed up, so I can’t vote in the primary. With Clinton v. Obama, I don’t mind that so much. Both are fundamentally flawed. Neither is as likely to get people killed in pointless wars or sent to the gulag as the opposing party’s leaders (Republicans). Based on that admittedly low standard, I’ll take Obama over Clinton, and either one over any Republican, but without much enthusiasm.

(For enthusiasm, I’d need a candidate who’d promise to pursue each and every one of the Bush administration’s criminals with the same single-mindedness and creativity that said administration has applied to destroying the Constitution and rule of law in this country.)

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