Undecided Tuesday

indecisionThis is like a bad result on Groundhog Day – six more weeks of campaigning (and so much for Tsunami Tuesday). True, the horse-race can be fun. But this is a roach-race, and it runs ’til November.

There was some sort of parade celebrating the NY Giants’ Super Bowl win. Had class then, so that’s all I know.

I’ve run out of snarky comments about Arabic grammar. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll run out of obscenely strange grammar topics for a long time to come. Thanks for nothing, diptotes.

History seminar turned into half-lecture, half-seminar. Made for a somewhat limited discussion. Of course, it’s not actually a history course, according to the prof., so my limited expertise is of even more limited use.

Finally, when stretching out the old legs downtown, decided to try out a P&S digital camera I picked up quite some time back. Substantial noise at ISO 80 (base ISO) with 1/10 second exposure. DSLRs have me spoiled. Expensive habit I guess (amusingly, the P&S was more expensive when I got it than a number of DSLRs are now).

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