Wacky Wednesday

blankStayed up waaay too late waiting for primary results. Paid for that by being very nearly incoherent during Arabic. Although I’m still not sure why our readings have to tend to the esoteric (medieval universities?).

Obviously, what I needed was some dynamic positive thinking plus sleep. Muddled through a number of semiproductive hours at the library, then at home.

Bright spots? The latest two episodes of House MD have stepped things up, so perhaps the reshuffling at the end of season 3 doesn’t spell disaster and shark-jumping as previously feared.

Oh, and a quick suggestion to the world’s movers and shakers: how about not putting several weeks worth of noteworthy events on the same day? Spread out the fun. Sticking Mardi Gras, the quasi-national primary, the parade for the Giants’ Superbowl victory and a tornado in the southern US is just asking for trouble.

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