Brief detours

pauseScheduling is a tricky thing. What to maximize? The first hours of the day had very little tangible to show for them – thinking and brainstorming is like that. Then after class, a number of very tangible things happened – cleaned desk, did laundry, caught up on correspondence, payed bills, dealt with healthcare bureaucracy, and discovered Sigma Photo Corp.’s warranty ‘service’ isn’t.

Lunch with my grandmother at the typical spot. Managed to drop off a bunch of books, read a couple of articles and see the Apple Store’s newest occupant – the MacBook Air – after that. For the record, the MBA was surprisingly appealing, but not terribly small or light. Thus no sale (well, that and no money).

Returned with my grandparents to Westchester in the evening. Gradually adjusting to driving in New York, but my ineptness at parking is still a problem (picking up Indian take-out for my grandfather proved an ordeal, though not just for that reason). Quiet evening.

As my grandmother’s put together a bunch of albums of photos from the last few decades, we did some looking. Most of the pictures I’d seen before, but seeing them arranged together was different. Still, I’d recommend selectivity and discretion when selecting photos – not all things require reminders, and quantity can overwhelm as much as elucidate.

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