Fouled out

foulReturned from the grandparents in the morning by train. The roommate is keeping later and later hours. Not a problem since his sleeping hardly impedes my research or Arabic.

Took off for Battery Park in the afternoon, arriving just as the sun was disappearing. Still haven’t worked out the perfect ingredients for a photogenic sunset, but this did really satisfy.

Returning, I figured I’d pop by campus to see if anything was happening. Women’s basketball match at the gym, v. Case Western. Came in just before half-time. Looked like they really wanted spectators given the free admission, t-shirt and food that they had. Fun game to watch, even if NYU went from a 9 point lead to a losing by 10 in the end. Took the opportunity to exercise the camera to the tune of 400 shots. ISO 1600, wide-open, and most of the shots still came out blurred. Time for a camera upgrade? Hmm.

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