New Eyes

oceans-11Saturday mornings are notoriously slow. Why then did I wake up at 6:30AM? No idea, really. So I spent a few more hours than I might otherwise have immersed in books. What books you ask? Oh the usual ones. My reading speed is inversely proportional to the importance of the literature in question.

Afternoon walk led to Central Park, where I discovered the overcast necessitated ISO 1600 when using the telephoto lens. Daylight is a bit of a misnomer for many of the late afternoons here. I also got myself somewhat lost, discovering the Belvedere Castle (good vistas of much of the park) and inexplicably leaving the park at Columbus Circle, instead of 5th Ave. which I’d been aiming for.

For the evening, I finally managed to watch Ocean’s Eleven (2001 edition) in its entirety, uninterrupted. Vastly better than the fun but vacuous Ocean’s Thirteen. The plot, the pacing, even the dialog was just smoother. And the ending? The snappy banter between Clooney, Robert and Pitt largely made up for its annoying predictability.

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