Unknown knowns

weather-flagAm I too cantankerous here? Well, today reminds us that good surprises do come up too.

Morning photo walk didn’t look promising at 8AM. Gray skies every which-way, with a forecast promising wind and showers. Imagine my surprise when, halfway across the Brooklyn bridge, patches of blue sky appeared. By the time I reached my usual photo haunts, half the sky was clear and the sun was shining enough to cause glare on my unshaded lens.

The afternoon would have been a standard (dull) affair of reading and classwork, save for the fact that scarcely an hour after I’d begun being productive, visibility dopped to a few hundred feet and a substantial amount of snow was on the ground.

Finally, it pains me to say this, but I’d like to thank (some) Republicans. Namely, a big shout out to those in Kansas, Louisiana and Washington for their ringing endorsement of John McCain who lost 2 of the 3 outright. His sole (apparent) victory? Washington, where 70% of Republicans voted against him (and 10% missed the memo about Mitt Romney quitting). Now that’s what I call momentum.

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