Thankful for Small Things

After several uncomfortable days, my left eye no longer feels like there are several large pieces of dust stuck in it.  In the grand scheme of things, eye irritation isn’t all that severe an ailment I guess (certainly better than the conjunctivitis that the doctor suggested it might be), but it was quite distracting, and frequently unpleasant.  Happily, the eye is mostly back to normal now.  Still, it’s a timely reminder to be thankful for the small things, as when they go wrong, they can take the big things with them too.

On a lighter note, I finally cracked the mystery of why I have been receiving invitations to the Society of Women Engineers meetings every few weeks (I had not signed up).  According to Columbia’s records, I am female.  I may just leave it as is, since the only person to notice so far was the nurse at Student Health Services.

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