Finally some site updates!

Last weekend, I found an archive of a lot of my old postings, and after some chicanery to get around WordPress limitations, I managed to import all the old content into the new blog.

That discovery spurred me to begin updating this place more regularly, and add some things that I’d been meaning to post but never quite got around to.

The Hiking section includes all of the trip reports I’ve written from the last 4 years.  I’ll try to add in brief reports for some of the missing trips as well.

The Miscellaneous section from the old site has been restored.  There’s a lot to update there.

Finally, I’ve created a Programming section, where I’ll be posting the projects I am or have been working on.

Is this thing on?

Well, this is a little embarrassing. No updates in almost a year.

Actually, I have been fairly busy, but not in ways that have lent themselves to posting here. Hopefully, that is changing.

In the meantime, for a peek into my current side projects, have a gander at My main camera just passed the 45,000 shot mark. Many more photos to post, when I get the chance!

Update (Finally)

wereopenWell, I’m back.

Again. Maybe this time for real. I hope?

A few brief points:

I’m (still) in New York. School stuff finished. And yes, I will finally be going home (California) by the end of March. For good. I hope (and intend).

I’ve done a pretty lousy job keeping in touch with folk. I mean to remedy that RealSoonNow(tm). My apologies to all of you. No, I didn’t forget. I’ve just been, well… really disorganized and tied up. Not a good excuse, I know.

In contrast to this part of the website which was (is?) in need of great deal of updating, the photo area has been seeing regular additions. Have a look if that sort of thing is of interest.

The server here is running Fedora (10 now). Took a few hours to first get the relevant updates and second fix the breakage those caused. There may be a few glitches to be worked out…

And lastly, welcome back.

I’m baaaaaack

progressIn a manner of speaking. I’ve more than a few blanks to fill in. Hopefully the routine will stick.

In the meantime, photos from the August-September trip to Switzerland and France are now up. Which sort of explains why I’m less enthusiastic about being in New York these days. That and being sick.

Zzzzzzz… Updates?

Yeah, I know this site hasn’t been updated in way too long. That’s starting to change though. The gallery is now more or less up to date, with photos from just about everywhere I’ve been in the last month and a half. Enjoy.

Transition updates


So the gallery now contains somewhat more than a thousand photos, consisting of the highlights of exactly 2 years of digital photography. That is to say, all of the photos from the old site, since the beginning of 2005, are accounted for. Even regular visitors should find some new stuff (I finally put up an album to cover last June’s graduation, for instance). Have fun exploring.

Some of the albums are password-protected. Those of you with a legitimate interest in seeing their contents can e-mail me for access. Consider it a crude way for me to find out who actually visits this site.

Meanwhile, the old site isn’t going anywhere, so you can still go there for the rest of the old stuff. Now it’s time for me to work on some of the old-fashioned sort of correspondence, and perhaps determine why my printer no longer prints pretty pictures. مع السلامة


Transition As befits its 5th anniversary, this site is in a state of flux. Left 404 is moving to WordPress as its main engine, with Gallery serving as its photo-album system. Hopefully this will make things easier all around.

Parts of the old site that have not been transitioned are still available at are also being merged in, and updated.

New photos can be accessed through the Gallery. These include those from my recent trip back to California.

Other items will become available as added.