Update (Finally)

wereopenWell, I’m back.

Again. Maybe this time for real. I hope?

A few brief points:

I’m (still) in New York. School stuff finished. And yes, I will finally be going home (California) by the end of March. For good. I hope (and intend).

I’ve done a pretty lousy job keeping in touch with folk. I mean to remedy that RealSoonNow(tm). My apologies to all of you. No, I didn’t forget. I’ve just been, well… really disorganized and tied up. Not a good excuse, I know.

In contrast to this part of the website which was (is?) in need of great deal of updating, the photo area has been seeing regular additions. Have a look if that sort of thing is of interest.

The server here is running Fedora (10 now). Took a few hours to first get the relevant updates and second fix the breakage those caused. There may be a few glitches to be worked out…

And lastly, welcome back.

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