At home…


Having gone down to New York two days in a row, I wasn’t really to keen to go down again. Since there wasn’t really anything I needed to there today anyways, I just stayed in the house, trying to finish odds and ends. This meant sending e-mails, backing up files, figuring out class possibilities, and even organizing some of my newer photos.

Meanwhile my father and cousing explored the big Apple and the photographer’s paradise known as B&H. My grandmother appears to have bought most of a small room worth of food in anticipation of Monday’s get-together, and I’m just hoping I’m not personally obligated to finish most of it.

The most important news of the day was in fact a short e-mail that got to me just past noon. I have on-campus housing! Hallelujah! Well, more importantly, I have on-campus housing 2 blocks from the library. So that has all worked out. No more apartment searching. Excellent.

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