Domesticity and miscellany


Had a fair number little things to do, and somehow they took the whole day with it. First, looks like everybody made it back home, although with some major delays. I guess flying Southwest, while cheap, isn’t always ideal (2 connections makes for a somewhat tenuous flight plan, particularly when bad weather hits along the way).

We’ve finished assembling all of the Ikea furniture, and have more or less arranged the room and the kitchen. Still have a number of missing odds and ends, but having the dining table, the two small chairs, and the lamps really helps. In particular, the apartment is pretty dark without extra lights.

In terms of grocery stores, we’re actually luck enough to have 2 within a one-block radius of the apartment. Convenience does come at a cost, though. I’m still shocked at the cost of regular Tropicana orange juice. Hopefully cheaper alternatives are not too much farther.

There’s also a wholesale liquidator and a Best Buy near here, so I managed to pick up some miscellaneous stationary for a good chunk less than the campus bookstore was asking, and to peek at the latest computer offerings. I’m sorry, but PCs just aren’t as much fun… Although I should knock on wood, since the Compaq laptop has behaved itself decently so far.

As for eating, well-cooked tofu has made rice bearable, but only kind of. Dammit, I need variety. As the bread I bought on Tuesday is already getting moldly (huh?), I went out and picked up another baguette.

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