Too much, too early

Keeping with the theme of whiling away my time with idle pursuits, today involved a hike, a walk, a bit of driving, a dinner with friends, and various other consequential activities. Because yesterday’s 8-mile walk had clearly been inadequate exercise for the weekend, Dad and I took the morning as an opportunity for a trip to Montara Mountain. Weather was still clear, beautiful, and a touch gusty. We went from parking lot to elevation marker (a.k.a. the top) in about 55 minutes, giving us a nice ten minute break at the top to drink up, and take in the unusual sight of Oakland to San Jose. Magnifique. And mildly exhausting.

For some reason, going downhill is almost always slower (and harder) for me. No exceptions today. Blisters weren’t fun. Then off to Stanford to see T- and S- (recently returned from New Jersey). And by see I mean help move T-‘s stuff back to the dorms, take a walk at Arastradero (hi deer!), go grocery shopping, eat dinner at the University Ave. Cafe. and finally spend in an inordinate amount of time at S-‘s place drinking tea and musing. Musing that was cut short by the realization that I have to be in Redwood City by 8:30AM tomorrow morning for jury duty. Hrm.

It’s curious how each time I meet somebody in the process of determining their (medium-term) future, I feel vaguely envious, whereas each time I contemplate my own, I get a case of the heeby-jeebies. This in turn is cured by finding something immediate and important that needs to be done (or alternatively, procrastinating until such an event is created). And now, since my jury service has unhelpfully not been cancelled, good night.

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